Why 2018 is the best year ? The BADASS YEAR .

I called this year : "BADASS YEAR" that means : don't care, do what you love, be yourself, make dreams come true, do crazy things /you've never tried before/ - because all of this is possible.
Be feminist AF. Avoid drama, lies and bullshits. 
 I started this year with positive mind, but at the same time lot's of shit has happened. Sometimes I think about those negatives, because I am not sure if I done things right or not. But you know what, whatever happened happened! Now, after my exam month I have finally time for myself, my plans, this blog, getting some work done, start new projects and lot of more. 
I've learned 3 things during this school year, thanks to great successful people who visited our university and share their secrets.  Be humble, patient and glorious are my new rule how to live my life.  I feel more happiness than ever before! And how I make it? ...Make it to be happy?

I know, it's cliché. You heard this before, don't you. But it's so true, I satisfied with myself (with my mistakes, my talents, my ordinary life...) . The most important thing which I realized is that I am original - nevertheless sometimes I doubted it. Also, meaning of the first paragraph helped me a lot. Just don't care what other think. Focus on yourself.

How to start your BADASS year ?

Music is so refreshing. Everytime I want to start again and feel more myself or just get new inspiration I open spotify and search, listen, save new music. And also, when I am home alone I am dancing like crazy. Enjoying new playlist, because it helps me to get better mood. And it really helps to not think about anything and clear your mind.

my 2018 playlist

Or just don't stop doing what you love. For example I want to get back to my handmade jewellery brand. Make new collections, learn new techniques.  It makes me happy when somebody wants to buy my creations and then, I am proud of what I am doing. DIY projects are my meditation and new creations  are bringing a feeling of happiness.
Learning new language is great option too.  I've been considering Swedish as my new language, but then I realized I am not perfect in English. So this is my priority. For now. I can still learn swedish words, but grammar should wait till I will be "confident English speaker"!

As I already wrote in introduction this is my rule, my belief. Be humble is so important, appreciate others' advice and experience and never think about yourself that "I am the best". We should learn every single day to be patient. Everything takes time.
And last but not least is to be glorious. I wanna feel more feminine this year, more  myself in my body because I

Everybody owns smartphone, DSLR camera and that's all you need for capturing moments from your trips and events. I love viewing photographs in albums and files on my notebook or phone. Making memories like this is best "investment".  And it's so easy nowadays. But after you fill your phone memory, try to do selection of photos you love the most and print them!  It's also great present for your friends and family.
And this year I will capture every single step on my trips. Sometimes I regret  those moments when I was too lazy to grab my camera and take photographs or making videos. So avoid my mistakes and capture your moments!

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