When Carrie Bradshaw is your ultimate inspiration.

When you watched Sex and the city too many times. And Carrie Bradshaw is your ultimate inspiration.

 I started watching these series again. You know, when these old series have only 20 minutes, so you don't end up with only one part of it.  When I saw these shoes, the first thing that I thought was : Carrie would definitely buy them.
 Maybe because of all of this, shoes weren't hard decision for me after all. Shopping is like therapy. Every girl (also boys) is happier when she find her perfect shoes, sometimes the most outstanding ones.

For example these sandals looks like some designer Fendi shoes. And that was second reason why I bought them. Crazy and unique, and also too much colourful for my taste. I totally fall in love in the materialistic way /haha. Rather, never combine outstanding shoes with a top which is too much  (pattern, colours). Only in the way when you over-combine the whole look with fancy designer clothes. I prefer simple pieces in basic colours, maybe with unique shape of sleeves.

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