Ciao Sicily !

Me and my friends planned amazing summer holiday a few month ago. Because we spent amazing time in Paris last winter, we decided to travel again. But somewhere, where is hot enough to relax and to get that sun glow. On our list of requirements were these things : palms, beautiful beaches, sand and no pine trees (such as in Croatia).

Our dream come true on August 21. We got to the airport and travel from Bratislava to Milan, where we have time for shopping and "taste some Fendi experience" with our new shoes!
Next flight was waiting for us after shopping. We were heading to final destination - Trapani.  The way from airport to Erice Beach Resort wasn't long. We arrived at our apartment at night. When we met Steffano, our vacay could started.

Enjoy couple photos from our week in Sicily!


New airbnb place and Stefano's help were amazing. Erice beach across the road. Dinner with sunset. Italian people - kind, helpful...

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