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When the weather is finally friendly, I automatically want to go on a trip or only to stay for a couple of hours in the city. How can anybody enjoy the time they spend here?
1.step: Find some individual persona who fits you. What do I mean with this insane sentence? Hmm, just find someone who want to take photographs in every corner or is insta-addicted... actually it means the same /hah/.
2.step: Visit places, events, pleasant corners/buildings which raise your mood to a higher level. Of course, only if you need aesthetic surroundings to do so.
I  inevitably need these two things for my survival in the city. Because I wanna make good memories, take nice pictures. Print nice pictures. Share nice pictures. .. And also talk about good places made by talented people.

About the outfit
I stayed in my cousin's house this week so I had packed only a couple T-shirts and a one pair of these culottes. They are from H&M - frankly, a really good find. To be honest I don't usually buy clothes in H&M, but I am totally happy with this piece. As far as a quality is concerned, I am overly satisfied.
I will combine the culottes with high heels next time. It will create a totally different look. But sneakers are the best option for casual walks in the city.
About the new posts
Another satisfying thing to notice is how these posts look like.
I have been thinking about this style of paragraphs (kind of looks like a magazine) for a long time and I think this is not a usual thing for many blogs. On the one hand it's also more harder to create it and it takes some time. But on the other hand it is worth it from the visual point of view! I hope you will more enjoy reading these lines than ever before.

again and again :D / sorry for my english/mistakes/.

 Shop the look

Scarf : H&M               

T-shirt: Reserved               

Pants: H&M               

Sneakers: Nike airmax Thea               


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