Pinterest Summer picnic

Drinks on 


I had a party at my house last Sunday. It had taken  some time to plan it. Also, I've got some ideas from Pinterest, but in general creating an overall look in my head took some nights of thinking and planning.
And maybe it wasn't even necessary. Indeed, I am glad how it turned out, and the first impressions were great!

Music was on, drinks were on the table, the first meal was eaten. After the salad course we changed to our swimsuits/bikinis and pool party could really begin. 

STYLE | Stay in the city

When the weather is finally friendly, I automatically want to go on a trip or only to stay for a couple of hours in the city. How can anybody enjoy the time they spend here?
1.step: Find some individual persona who fits you. What do I mean with this insane sentence? Hmm, just find someone who want to take photographs in every corner or is insta-addicted... actually it means the same /hah/.
2.step: Visit places, events, pleasant corners/buildings which raise your mood to a higher level. Of course, only if you need aesthetic surroundings to do so.
I  inevitably need these two things for my survival in the city. Because I wanna make good memories, take nice pictures. Print nice pictures. Share nice pictures. .. And also talk about good places made by talented people.

About the outfit
I stayed in my cousin's house this week so I had packed only a couple T-shirts and a one pair of these culottes. They are from H&M - frankly, a really good find. To be honest I don't usually buy clothes in H&M, but I am totally happy with this piece. As far as a quality is concerned, I am overly satisfied.
I will combine the culottes with high heels next time. It will create a totally different look. But sneakers are the best option for casual walks in the city.
About the new posts
Another satisfying thing to notice is how these posts look like.
I have been thinking about this style of paragraphs (kind of looks like a magazine) for a long time and I think this is not a usual thing for many blogs. On the one hand it's also more harder to create it and it takes some time. But on the other hand it is worth it from the visual point of view! I hope you will more enjoy reading these lines than ever before.

again and again :D / sorry for my english/mistakes/.

 Shop the look

Scarf : H&M               

T-shirt: Reserved               

Pants: H&M               

Sneakers: Nike airmax Thea               


365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 26

 Last week (at the and of that week) I'd done some good exercise and after them I felt really relaxed. Here they are !

26th day of Y.CH.


Night:  Core building routine


365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 22

22th day of Y.CH.


Evening: exercises from magazine | Core building routine

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 21

21th day of Y.CH.


Night: Flexibility  | Core building routine

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 19 and 20

EN: Hello my yogalovers!  For this month I decided practise yoga for arms strength and core building.  It's Important to have strength in your core - you will be really surprised how it can change your future of practising new yoga poses. So let's get started!  

Yesterday I had chill day. But don't forget to stretch your muscles trough these kind of days, especially in mornings - your body will thank your later - during day. Couple minutes of stretching and you are energized for hours. And also focus on breathing it can change everything.

19th day of Y.CH.


Morning: leg stretching

20th day of Y.CH.


Night: Build Strength Evenly | Core building routine

365 days of Yoga Challenge | 17 and 18

- a few minutes of yoga these days

17th day of Y.CH.


Evening:  Back Strengthening

18th day of Y.CH.


Night: downward dog -> plank pose ->  low lunge pose -> downward dog -> tree pose -> greeting pose

image source:  pinterest

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 14, 15, 16

I totally forgot write post about last week so this article is about my 3 days of yoga. I had lot of time on afternoom  a practice shoulder strengh - i think that it is basis for greater progress. 

14th day of Y.CH.


Afternoon:  Shoulder strength

15th day of Y.CH.


Evening: Shoulder strength

16th day of Y.CH.


Night: downward dog -> plank pose ->  low lunge pose -> downward dog -> tree pose -> greeting pose

image source:  pinterest

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 12 and 13

12th day of Y.CH.


Afternoom:  downward dog -> plank pose ->  low lunge pose -> downward dog -> tree pose -> greeting pose

13th day of Y.CH.


Afternoom : Shoulder strength
My lifestyle is hectic and that’s how I like it. Be my friend for a couple of months and you’ll notice how I’m always running around or behind a camera, and that I’ll probably be late for dinner.

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 11

Today I wanted try full 50min of balance yoga exercise. And also I tried some handstands. But guz

11th day of Y.CH.


Evening: Balance yoga

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 9 and 10

Thursday I end latest 20-30min of  my evening routine exercise.This exercise is really good for more power and balance to  your body. And on Friday I had only dance lesson.

9th day of Y.CH.


Evening: Balanced yoga (latest 20-30min)

10th day of Y.CH.


Evening: dance lesson

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 8

It's one week on this blog like #yogaeverydamnday!  And I am happy to share my next days with this challenge. Only 51 weeks to my goal! Wish me luck :D

8th day of Y.CH.


Evening: Balanced yoga (first 16min)

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 7

Would you like to find your limits ?  Or just you want try strengthening poses?
Let's follow my 7th day of yoga. But first find your ideal time for yoga. Great is, when you practice yoga also at mornings for fresh start your day. And second time when you will tried more exercises and tried some new poses. For me is great time at night before my shower about 10-11pm . When you practice yoga?
Today I began with shoulder from 21minits of this yoga video

7th day of Y.CH.


Evening : Balanced yoga (from 21min.)

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 5 and 6

These last days when I am doing yoga I feel stronger. I can see it and I can feel it. Everyday yoga is changing me to have more and more  power in my arms, legs ..(all body).

5th day of Y.CH.


Evening: Some stretching pose for better sleep

6th day of Y.CH.


Evening: 21min of  Yoga balance workout

image source - pinterest

365 days of Yoga Challenge | day 3 and 4

These days I practised yoga like other days before. So here is short yoga-diary from these two days .

3th day of Y.CH.


Evening: Without  yoga only dance lesson

4th day of Y.CH.


Morning: dance  lesson

365 days of Yoga Challenge | Day 2

Easy Yoga for tired body;
Hard day? If you want  great easy-relaxation exercise this yoga with Tara Stiles is right option! Tara is popular "Yoga Rebel" and she is my favourite one. Her videos have friendly way to practise yoga and they are great for beginners, so with her everyone can begin it right now at home.

2th day of Y.CH.


After all day = Evening : Warm up | Building Balance

365 days of YOGA CHALLENGE | Day 1

Starting something that make you feel good - is good /haha/. So let's go and start with me this journey: 365 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE ! Yoga will be one of main topic on this blog. I want document every day of  yoga practising. You are welcome to start yogadiary with me ;).

Why I want to start with yoga ?
My dream was/is to be really good in yoga for couple of reasons : better balance when I am dancing, be flexible, do impossible things, be strong, be proud of myself....

Where and when am I practising it?
I started at home - and yes started - because I tried do yoga every day, but after week my "try" was gone. So I  practice yoga in my room - at morning, afternoon or evening (love exercise at evenings or nights

What I need for yoga ?
First main thing is yoga mat - if you don't have i

 photo 30 min yoga_zpsv5xlshgf.png

1th day of Y.CH.


Evening - run (beginner)
Night - Yoga for better sleep

 photo IMG_7459_zpsxzyrzvb9.jpg