Trenchcoat Season | utfit

When you put together fave sneakers, trench coat, and big, knit turtleneck. This weekend was cold /AF/ so I was little bit desperate what to wear. Also, I have 2 wardrobes in different cities, one is half empty and one is fuller of nothing special /haha/.
This shoot was from Saturday in Bratislava.  That day of ''Biela Noc'' event. I will post some photographs soon.

Trench coat // Reserved
Turtleneck // C&A
Jeans // Levi's
Sneakers // Mango

The Best minimal online fashion shops

Hola guys!  In today's article I will show you my favourite online stores with simple and contemporary clothes. There are new online shops every year, so this selection might help you find some cool ones. Usually they ship worldwide, but sometimes there are exceptions.
I've learnt to contact some companies and write them if they don't ship to your country. And you will be surprise that they are so friendly and they will ship it for you !

for // WOMEN | MEN

for // WOMEN

for // WOMEN

for //  WOMEN | MEN 

for //  WOMEN | MEN


When Carrie Bradshaw is your ultimate inspiration.

When you watched Sex and the city too many times. And Carrie Bradshaw is your ultimate inspiration.

 I started watching these series again. You know, when these old series have only 20 minutes, so you don't end up with only one part of it.  When I saw these shoes, the first thing that I thought was : Carrie would definitely buy them.
 Maybe because of all of this, shoes weren't hard decision for me after all. Shopping is like therapy. Every girl (also boys) is happier when she find her perfect shoes, sometimes the most outstanding ones.

For example these sandals looks like some designer Fendi shoes. And that was second reason why I bought them. Crazy and unique, and also too much colourful for my taste. I totally fall in love in the materialistic way /haha. Rather, never combine outstanding shoes with a top which is too much  (pattern, colours). Only in the way when you over-combine the whole look with fancy designer clothes. I prefer simple pieces in basic colours, maybe with unique shape of sleeves.

Skirt, Shoes

Bodysuit for this season !

Sun. Sea. Hot weather. - was everything that I needed. This outfit was great for late night in the city. When you will visit Italy remember this: When sun sets, the city will come to live again. I learned that it's never late for dinner with friends/family. 

Another outfit with bell sleeves. This bodysuit wear only with heels, otherwise you will look like wearing (stylish) pyjama. 

Bodysuit: Bershka // Necklace: H&M // Sandals: H&M


Straw bag is
 ''the thing''
 in 2017.

When you fall inlove with unnecessary straw (mini) bag, but it's too cute to not buy it. Also, I am a person who fill handbags and backpacks with 100 things which I will never need.

My dress are from Zara, Bag is from local shop in Favignana island, Sandals are from Zara, Sunglasses are from Mango

Ciao Sicily !

Me and my friends planned amazing summer holiday a few month ago. Because we spent amazing time in Paris last winter, we decided to travel again. But somewhere, where is hot enough to relax and to get that sun glow. On our list of requirements were these things : palms, beautiful beaches, sand and no pine trees (such as in Croatia).

Our dream come true on August 21. We got to the airport and travel from Bratislava to Milan, where we have time for shopping and "taste some Fendi experience" with our new shoes!
Next flight was waiting for us after shopping. We were heading to final destination - Trapani.  The way from airport to Erice Beach Resort wasn't long. We arrived at our apartment at night. When we met Steffano, our vacay could started.

Enjoy couple photos from our week in Sicily!


New airbnb place and Stefano's help were amazing. Erice beach across the road. Dinner with sunset. Italian people - kind, helpful...

Boyfriend look


 Today is time for my boyfriend's outfit. I really like this block T-shirt and Adidas Stan Smith in white/green colour.
You can't go wrong with b&W. and I will love this colour combo 4ever.
 When you hear : t-shirt, jeans, sneaker - It sounds so usual to you. "Surprisingly", when you add stylish glasses and a watch maybe some simple necklace(chain). 

STYLE | Bell Sleeve top



V tomto roku sa nájde mnoho nových trendov ako zvonové rukávy, topy s odhalenými ramenami alebo dobre známe uzle na tričkách a košeliach.
 A tak som si zaobstarala jeden aj ja. Preferujem tieto zvonové rukávy viac ako topy/šaty s odhalenými ramenami (síce už tiež jeden mám), ale tie šaty mi prídu všetky rovnaké.
Taktiež nesmrteľná čierno-biela kombinácia je pre mňa najlepšia voľba. Hlavne v tedy keď som príliš unavená a lenivá premýšľať čo s čím skombinovať.  
 This season is all about bell sleeves, knot shirts, off the shoulder tops... And here I am wearing one. Tops are definitely more interesting and stylish like this.  I rather prefer bell-sleeves than off wthe shoulder dress/tops.
Also, immortal black and white combination is great choice for me. Because sometimes I am too tired of thinking what to wear, how to mix and match pattern, colours, shapes and textures together.

I don't have many accessories in my closet, so my options are scarf around neck, simple earring and some sunglasses. Sunglasses are must-have. Everytime when I go shopping I am looking trough different styles and shapes of sunglasses. /little bit obsessed/

Scarf // Lindex  |  Earrings // H&M
Top // H&M  | Trousers // F&F
Loafers // Aldo  | Bag // Zara

PORTFOLIO | Behind the glass - Za sklom

Za sklom / rukávec

Moje self-portréty vznikajú väčšinou z nudy, z inšpirácie ktorú dostávam počúvaním hudby alebo vnímaním vecí okolo trošku inak...
Pár minút nastavovania - foťák/ farebná stena / zrkadlo  a ja.. pravdaže do pozadia hrá hudba a ja cvakám haha.

Za sklom / Touch Za sklom