JOURNAL | Summer trips

It's a last day of August - my SDcards are full from the beginning of summer holidays and I am recapitulating whole two months trough photographs.
These photos are from first trip in Krahule, where all family members met to celebrate our birthday : 3 cousins celebrate 18th, my brother's 20th, my cousin Kami's 15th and my grandma's  birthday.
It's sounds  like huge party (maybe we has some firework), but it wasn't like that, hah.

my ants and cousin Kami

food my biggest addiction

 Lovely grandma

STYLE | "Clearky"

See the world trough clears frames !
I am totally inlove with these kind of sunglasses. My future plan is to buy some glasses /sorry I am blind, just a little bit hah/.
When I meet my cousin we snatch camera and take some shoots ... hmm why? because we like (love) it.

Shirt dress / WEEKDAY || stripe shirt / Primark


My summer holidays are running to the end, so it is the right time to show you couple outfits, which I wore on my trips trough holidays. This week I'll post one outfit article and after that one more from the trip which will be including photos from places I visited.
My friends and I visited amazing art gallery in Bratislava called Danubiana in July.
I recommended this one because is full of modern art and its amazing building surrounded by the river Danube.
-wearing best/comfy sneakers
-wearing white trousers, because white is basic!
-and simple but still interesting blue shirt.
- and my own designed backpack from amazing LejDiana