JOURNAL | Welcome 2016! Read that will make you a better person

Welcome 2016 ! 

New year came with snow to my village - behind my window is snowy countryside and finally now I can feel that winter !. But with a New Year become "my new fresh start" to whole 365 blank pages.. actually 364!

De facto  I meet a new beginning, starting with the new school year. It's such a milestone when I am thinking about new plans.
But for someone is New Year that milestone, where dreams and resolutions want become true.. Ehm ehmhm let's face the truth after few week we totally forget what resolutions we said that we want to accomplish this year. 
  • Stay organized and planned 

    Diaries help me remember things that I have planned. If you If you still didn't have a diary as well because you forget to write into it - Do not Stop! Over time, you learn to write more regularly.

  • How become a better person

    This book is perfect if you don't know what do in your life, how make a good decision and be satisfied with yourself.
    There are encouraging quotes from bible and mini stories on each page.  
If you doubt about yourself, you don't know how to deal with difficult situations in life. This is Perfect book for you !

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