How to be Inspired

Good Autumn day to you, people! Today topic is about inspiration - where you can find it and how use it - to be useful. It's important not dreaming but really use inspiration for something, which we want to make easiest etc.

On the internet are plenty of websites where you can find perfect pictures,  videos .. And I want introduce to you some of my favourite - apps/webs.

Weheartit (here is link to my account) - There is lot's of pictures and there I am only dreaming about beautiful interiors, food, men /haha/. But also I am looking for good collections in one theme - for example : topic study or learning .. I found really good ideas for nicer notebook.. or topic art, paintings. And of course fashion,fitness...
I usually use app in my phone.

Pinterest - The most popular website. You create boards with some topic/theme and pin and pin pictures for that board. Easy how to stay inspired. Try pin only important picture for you. If you find a picture in a website, which you want for pinterest

Spotify - Not only pictures are good inspiration. Music is great to be one. best app in my phone or pc is Spotify. The best playlists, the best selection of music. And you can create your own playlists save songs ...
image source: wehearit

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