Photography | How to reach goals

When I was thinking why I want DSLR Camera - were couple of reasons. For example I wanted better and quality photos for my handmade product, also for outfit photos...
But now, when I really own my own dslr (almost year) I've been and I am realizing, that not only products, blog photos are important for me, but some more creative photoshoots I really love about this Thing. I am trying understand this machine how to do the best for better the best! -/maybe it doesn't sense, but for me does/

And how to reach your dream goal ?!
I wanted camera for couple of years, one year I was sad when I didn't get it for Christmas or Bday. But now I know, it wasn't right time for it! Everything has the right time, So W A I T !
I'm proud of myself that I earn money for this not cheap matter.

Did your reach some of your big goals ?
in this photo is myself -  thanks Bara for shoot

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