365 days of YOGA CHALLENGE | Day 1

Starting something that make you feel good - is good /haha/. So let's go and start with me this journey: 365 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE ! Yoga will be one of main topic on this blog. I want document every day of  yoga practising. You are welcome to start yogadiary with me ;).

Why I want to start with yoga ?
My dream was/is to be really good in yoga for couple of reasons : better balance when I am dancing, be flexible, do impossible things, be strong, be proud of myself....

Where and when am I practising it?
I started at home - and yes started - because I tried do yoga every day, but after week my "try" was gone. So I  practice yoga in my room - at morning, afternoon or evening (love exercise at evenings or nights

What I need for yoga ?
First main thing is yoga mat - if you don't have i

 photo 30 min yoga_zpsv5xlshgf.png

1th day of Y.CH.


Evening - run (beginner)
Night - Yoga for better sleep

 photo IMG_7459_zpsxzyrzvb9.jpg

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