Light Mood

 Summer and hats are the best combination for photos as these! Love black and white, and square photos. Some selfies,wich were made by my camera. For more my photographs follow me on flickr

Leto s klobúkmi je vždy to pravé zladenie.  A fotky tohto typu sú moja klasika alebo by som ich skôr nazvala selfíčka - ostrý tieň, pleť, a tvár a nejaké tie črty postavy. 
Pre viac mojich fotiek kukni na flicker

Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga

Perfect time for yoga is morning. This start of day help you feel fresher and relaxed. You can practise it in your bed or yoga mat. This easy calm exercise is great soon as you wake up. Let'sdf start!

 photo knee-press-pose-aestaste-blog_zps1i7e3mru.png

In each pose stay breathing about 3-5 times. Long inhales and easy exhales.

 photo yoga-aestaste_zpstqcim0xa.png

 photo camel-pose-aestaste-yga_zpscppckeft.png

In final pose calms your mind and breathing.

 photo childs-pose-yoga_zpsgpzriu7e.png

Photography | How to reach goals

When I was thinking why I want DSLR Camera - were couple of reasons. For example I wanted better and quality photos for my handmade product, also for outfit photos...
But now, when I really own my own dslr (almost year) I've been and I am realizing, that not only products, blog photos are important for me, but some more creative photoshoots I really love about this Thing. I am trying understand this machine how to do the best for better the best! -/maybe it doesn't sense, but for me does/

And how to reach your dream goal ?!
I wanted camera for couple of years, one year I was sad when I didn't get it for Christmas or Bday. But now I know, it wasn't right time for it! Everything has the right time, So W A I T !
I'm proud of myself that I earn money for this not cheap matter.

Did your reach some of your big goals ?
in this photo is myself -  thanks Bara for shoot

Autumn Fashion Essentials

Autumn is one of my favourite season, because in this time I feel cosy and in the evening I have lot's of time for myself - have a bubble bath, lot's of candles in room, rainy weather - perfect for cup of tea or chocolate, reading book or watching favourite TV serial.
But also go to shop and get some new autumn essentials ! Here is my list with couple of them.

1. HATS - are my favourite accessors, it makes outfit more interesting and fresh.

2.  SCARVES - when is cold outside is good for warm up and also perfect for refreshing boring outfit

3.  Gloves - I think this is useful thing for A/W  and is really chic, so buy some ! 

What are your Autumn fashion essentials ?